Rosalia Annello

Mother of Mario Marchese

Born: June 15, 1845 in Palermo, Italy. Married Placido Marchese December 31, 1860. Died: November 28, 1878 in Palermo, Italy
Antonino and Nunzia Anello- Antonino is the brother of Rosalia, he was born in Palermo and he and Nunzia were married in 1875. He was father of Benedetto, he stayed in Sicily, and had 3 other children.
Nancy Anello with husband Michael Alianelli at their home in San Diego.
In this photo is Bene, Angelina, Mom Nunzia, and Nancy! Benetto and wife Nancy were instrumental in Mario Marchese moving to San Diego from San Jose!!
This is his son, Benedetto (Bene), cousin of Mario Marchese. He is pictured with his wife Angelina, they are the parents of Nancy Anello Alianelli.Bene who had come to San Diego to raise his family, he worked at Balboa Park as a landscaper.
A young Micheal above! This is a handout at Micheal's Funeral service!
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