Anna & Julia Birthday Party

Eleven Years Old

On Saturday August 21. 2010. Dad Neal Sundberg brought Anna, Julia and big sister Katherine to Grandparents, Ron and Marlene's home, to celebrate Anna & Julia's eleventh year birthday!!
The "girls" Uncle Tom brought his Family from Orange County for the Party. Above Tom is giving one of his twin girls a piggyback ride. On the right, grandma Marlene is playing with the other twin!!
After enjoying the pizza lunch, it was pool time for the Family. Dad Neal, Anna and Julia above horsing around. The girls and Dad are excellent swimmers!!
More pool fun on the left. In the center, Grandma is helping one of the younger twins with pool lessons. On the right Anna is in the Jacuzzi while Julia is thinking about it!!
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At the end of pool time, both sets of twins Anna and Julia, Olivia and Chloe seem fascinated with each other. Likely thinking, was this how I used to look or will I be this pretty when I get older?