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John Henry Marchese

Descendant of Mario Marchese

Dad on the back porch at the home on Palm St. in San Jose.His father Mario made all the lattice work and trellis for grapes and other vines. There is the family Baby Buggy. John always dressed up as much as he possibly could.
This is my Dad, John Marchese at age 12, in San Jose 1925.That is where he was born and lived until 1927 when after the death of his mother, they moved to San Diego Ca.
John, Rosie and Joe Marchese in San Jose, about 1927. They look very sad, their mother had died shortly before.
John at his work at Klauber Wagenheim with cousin Joseph Marchese, son of Salvadore, who was visiting the family on his honeymoon in Mexico. Year 1937.
Baby Marlene at two weeks!!
Brothers John and Joe Marchese in 1937 at John's house on Pennsylvania Ave. San Diego, CA
Another very happy picture of my mother Dee, opening a present , also with her apron on, at Christmas. She must of liked the present.
Dee, Marlene and Joseph Marchese's bride, Lorraine, visiting at our home on Pennsylvania San Diego. Marlene was 3 years old.
Lorraine Marchese holding baby Marlene, looks like both were enjoying it.
All the Marchese family at John's backyard in 1954 for Christmas. I had just married and was out of town.
This is Marlene at 3 yrs. old, the same day that Joseph and Lorraine visited. This was a beach tent in the backyard to play in.
Marlene, Dee and John, cleaning up after Thanksgiving Dinner in 1953. Notice all the Aprons ! We all look happy !
I would like to THANK Michael Marchese, descendant of Salvadore Marchese for sharing these photos of my Family!!
Mother, Dee "Roth" Marchese in a very happy pose. Serving coffee with her apron on. She loved to be a good hostess.
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