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My Trip to Sicily 2007

Viaggio to

Piazza Armerina

Background Music "Treno" sung by: Sal Marchese
This is a view of Enna from it's train station. It is the central city of Sicily, 931 meters high, colonized in 664 BC. From Enna you travel to Armerina. We had to get a ride from strangers to Enna, no bus.
On our Treno viaggio a Piazza Armerina we passed alot of Compana (country.) This is one of the many train stations we passed on the way.
A lot of colorful wildflowers in the central part of Sicily. They were mostly yellow, purple and red. Also alot of farming.
This is where we stayed in Piazza Armerina, the B&B GIUCALEM - La Casa Negli Orti. It is in the farming area of the village.
This is Madre Maria, one of the family owners and the great cook della Colazione (breakfast.).
I am standing outside our room. It was so quite and peaceful here and the hosts were so kind.


This is Link to B&B Giucalem!!

The beautiful breakfast patio ! If you viaggio to the center of Sicily, I recommend B&B Giucalem for quiet sleep, good eats and friendly family.
2 of the guests (parliamo con Guiseppe), speaking with Guiseppe, one of the hosts. He is also the gentile senor (kind man) that helped us with transportation.
Here are the guests (Diana and I in middle) for breakfast. A tavola(table) of pleasures.Buon Appetito !!
This is the big attraction of Piazza Armerina, the Romana Casale. It is the Roman hunting villa of AD300 that was discovered in 1950, along with the best Roman floor mosaics.
This was the Spa Room of the Villa Casale. A 3 hole toilet area and the sewer ran down both sides of the room, with mosaics on the floor.
Some of the mosaics show pictures of the hunting done in Africa.These mosaics where covered by a mudslide about 750 years ago.
This mosaic looks like a victory party after the hunt.
THE BEACH PARTY !! Bikini's are not a modern trend !! here are the Romans in their bikinis.
Another country view on our viaggio across Sicily. Notice the hilltop town.
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