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Usticesi Reunion

In Southern California

Arrival 2/10/2011

Here comes the airplane carrying Pietro and Pina Bertucci and Maria Compagno for the Big Usticesi Reunion at our house. Usticesi are people from or related to those born on the tiny Sicilian Island of Ustica, off the coast of Palermo. Tom and I discovered our Roots there in 2010, from great, great grandmother Maria Manfre who was born there is 1816. All Usticesi from New Orleans and Calif. celebrate their origin in a Society that meets at least once a year. This year those mostly of Southern Calif. met in our home in Ramona. Pietro and Pina had come from Ustica with Maria Compagno from New Orleans. Pietro is like the Usticesi Ambassador with a Blog that is the internet Giornale of the Island. It was a real honor to have him at our Reunion meeting.
Benvenuti !!! they made it !!! Arrived on a Continental flight and I recognized Pietro, after meeting him in Ustica as one of our direct cousins. The first place Ron and I took them to was the Cabrillo National Monument, high up on Point Loma, to overlook the ocean, bay and all of San Diego.
Ron, Pietro, Maria, Marlene and PIna, together at last ! This was planned since November 2010. God gave us perfect weather.
Another view of SAn Diego from Point Loma.The bay was first discovered by Juan Cabrillo in 1542. He was sent by King of "New Spain", which was Mexico. Cabrillo was from Portugal.
The Lighthouse at the Cabrillo park. Original lighthouse built in 1854.This looks out toward the Pacific Ocean.
Here is the beautiful San Diego Bay. Home to the U.S. Navy, Submarine base at bottom of picture. Coast Guard vessel in view.North Island U.S. Navy Air Base on right middle of picture.
After Point Loma, we went to Harbor Island and ate at Tom Hams Lighthouse Restaurant. The view of the harbor was beautiful, bella mare ed buon mangia.
One of our entrees, beautiful presentation. Pietro thought so pretty he took picture. Each plate had an orchid.
At the statue of Juan Cabrillo. When Pietro looked out from the Point to the ocean he saw one of the Coronado Islands about 25 miles out to sea and said "Ustica."
Marlene, Maria on the left and Pietro and his wife Pina on the right, with a view of San Diego in the background!!
Pietro, Maria, Marlene and Pina, outside the restaurant overlooking the bay. Some city lights in the background. It's dark and time to go home to Ramona!!
We arrive at our house, with welcome sign up for Reunion. Benvenuto, welcome to Usticesi coming Feb. 12th, in 2 days !! Notice lighted grapes.
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