The Barker Family
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My great-grandfather, Thomas William Barker, was born in Shefield England and came to America 1876 on the S.S. Indiana. It docked in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He took up residence in Pittsburgh. He was a farmer. He married Annie Elizabeth Spencer in 1883. Annie was a widow and already had 6 children, but her and Tom had 3 more children, giving a total of 9 children. My grandmother, Edith was the youngest of the 9. She came to San Diego with her 3 daughters in 1924 to escape the scandal of having an unfaithful husband. The daughters were Dee (my mother), Wilberta and Beatrice. After the death of Annie, Thomas came to San Diego in 1920 to be with some of his children.He died in 1932.
Thomas Barker, born Nov. 2, 1853: Died March 16,1932 in San Diego, CA.
Marlene’s G.Mother Edith Barker, Roth, Ginther.
Annie Spencer, born Feb. 7, 1853: Died February 7, 1920
Thomas Barker home @ 6148 ElCajon, Blvd. San Diego, Ca.
Annie with G.daughter’s Beatrice, Wilberta, & Dee!!
Daughter's of Edith, Beatrice, Dee, Marlene’s Mom, & Wilberta.
Dee Marchese, with Baby Marlene!!
A handsome John Marchese is the reason!!
A stylish Dee, dressed up and ready to go!
John and Marlene ready to go in Model A !!
G. Mother Edith Barker, Marlene, cousins David, & Phylis!
Baby Marlene, feed me I'm hungry!!
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