The Beast and the Beauty

This was a really neat play the girls were part of. Click on the pictures for the production details and Enlargement. Dad Tom and grandparents Ron and Marlene went to the Saturday matinee!!
This shows the girls in the groups with the other children and their titles!!
Olivia, Chloe with a friend in their costumes after a performance. They had three performances!!
Olivia the Snowflake on the left!!
Chloe the guard. The kings guard!!
Chloe the guard on duty!!
Snowflake Olivia on the left and guard Choloe on the right are doing a scene on stage at the same time!!
Snowflake Olivia on the right side taking a bow?
Guard Chloe on the left guarding the King!
Chloe and Olivia were presented flowers by grandparents Ken and Bonnie Trepkie after their performance on Friday evening!!
The pictures above of Olivia and Chloe was used outside of the auditorium on a sign to promote the play!!
This is a scene near the end of the play when both Olivia and Chloe shared with their fella Snowflakes and Guards!!
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