Wilberta Angell Birthday Party

101 Years Old

The guest of honor Wilberta Angell is present and waiting to celebrate her Birthday, born 101 years ago in Pittsburgh, PA. February 21, 2016!!
Son John, wife Elaine are visiting with longtime friend of Berta, Collen Gott.
Marlene Robersaw, Berta's niece and care giver has arrived with lunch. Son Tom and his Family has arrived and placed a gift before Berta!!
Charley Gott, was into doing Magic Shows with Berta's late husband Ted Angell. He and Tom Robershaw was discussing magic tricks!!
It appears that all the goodies have arrived and Inspectors Chloe and Justin Robershaw are checking them out?
The goodies have started to arrive!!
The grand children of caregiver Marlene above, Nieto and Giovanni, son's of John and Elaine. Justin, twins Olivia and Chloe, children of Tom and Kim!!
Chloe and Olivia waiting for Berta to finish lunch. Below Chloe is admiring the beautiful Brownies!!
Yes, Berta is almost through with lunch!!
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