Italy Trip 2012
On this, my 5th trip to Italy, my travel partner was cousin Laurie Marchese Stevenson. Laurie loves Italy and Sicily as I do, so we had a wonderful adventure together. We met in the airport of Los Angeles, to board the Alitalia plane to Rome. It was a 12 hour non-stop flight, worked out well. We were known as Marlene and Laurie Marchese in Italy, as noted on our Italian Passports. Our first place to visit was the Island of Capri, via train to Napoli then boat.
We stayed at the Hotel "Villa Sara" in the town of Capri. There is 3 layers to Capri, the Marina level, Capri, then Ana Capri. It was a beautiful place to stay. We walked mostly steep inclines thru the town or the country side.
Here is some of the beautiful panorama in Capri ! All of Capri is mountains, surrounded by the beautiful Tirrenia Sea.
Looking down from one of those mountains, we could see the boats taking people into the grottos. We had hiked 45 minutes to go to the Villa of Tiberius Caesar, who ruled Rome from there in AD 27, but alas, non aperto, closed for another 2 hrs.
The Island of Capri is full of beautiful flowers, everywhere. It is perfect weather for them. Here is my first meal on the Island. So good ! Pasta alla Zuchini, so wholesome and simple, but excellent. All the good ingredients make for great food !!
At the end of the 2nd day we left on a Ferry, making sure it was not another hydrafoil, which we took coming and almost all of the boat got seasick, including me.They even had an ambulance waiting for us, I thought it was for me, but I wasn't the sickest, thank the Lord.
From Ana-Capri we took the chair-lift up to the top of Monte Solaro, the highest point on the Island. Here is Laurie in front of me. It was alot of fun.At the top we took the middle picture above of the Island and the Sea. On the left is the statue of that old Tiberius Caesar, whose Villa we missed.
Here is the big Cruise Ship that took us from Napoli to Palermo, at night. Was so surprised that it was so big !! We ate dinner in the restaurant, here is the waiter treating us like queens. We had a full Italian buffet !! but they insist on serving you the Primo Piatto,1st plate.
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