Chloe and Olivia

The Elmo Birthday Party

June 23, 2007

The theme of Chloe and Olivia's 2nd Birthday Party was Elmo from Sesame St. Mom and Dad rented a Jumbo Bounce that was in the shape of Elmo! As you can see above, the girls really took to it! Olivia is inside and Chloe is enjoying getting out!
Cousin Nieto, playing with the girl's! It looks like he has caught one of the girl's eye!!
Aunt Valerie sitting with cousin's Anna, Julia, Rachel, Alexandra, Katharine and some friends!
After the Party was over at the neighborhood rec. center Tom and I adjourned home to put together the gift from grandparents Ken and Bonnie Triepke who live in Montana!
The girl's really enjoyed their new chairs!! Chloe's favorite color is YELLOW and Olivia's favorite color is GREEN. They were excited to have their own table and chairs to play on!

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