Happy Birthday

Olivia and Chloe

Three Years Old

The Theme of this years Party was Strawberry Short Cake! The Party was held at Grand parents Ron and Marlene Robershaw. Unfortunately Mother Kim was sick and unable to attend, but Dad Tom was a real trooper and brought the girls and brother Justin, anyhow, so the rest of the Family would not be disappointed!!
The first thing of interest to Olivia was our puzzle collection with cousin Julia Sundberg helping!
The first thing to catch sister Chloe's attention was the piano with Anna Sundberg helping!
Since we were in the midst of a hot spell [107 degrees] one of the first activies was to go swimming!! The next group of photos will be from around the pool.
Grand daughter Julie Sundberg caught jumping in pool!
Since there was shade over the jacuzzi, Dad Tom and grand mother Marlene opted to use the shallow water there!!The cousin's Sarina Dixon and Julia are also pictured.
The twins, Uncle John Phillips and his son Nieto join the action!!
Twin cousin's Anna and Julia visit Olivia and Chloe!
Olivia was not to thrilled about getting in the water, but after she was in awhile, she didn't want to get out!!
Seems like all the action in in the jacuzzi, Katharine's twin sister's Julia and Anna want to play!!
Our oldest grand daughter Katharine Sundberg has joined the goup!!
Back inside, grandaughter Anna played " O Solo Mio " for grand mother Marlene and Family!

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Uncle John giving his son Nieto a piggy back ride and Julia visiting with her cousin Sarina in foreground!