Mario Funeral

Chloe and Olivia

Baptism on April 17, 2016

Chloe and Olivia took the Baptism Class at Saddleback Church where they attend, and made a profession of Faith in Jesus Christ and were Baptised in the pool on the right. Praise God!!
Proud parents Tom and Kim with Olivia on the left and twin sister Chloe on the right, and younger brother Justin on the side, next to Dad!!
A special time for Family in the seats around the pool. Grandmother Marlene on the bottom right is catching up with Grandparents Ken and Bonnie Triepke, who live in Arizona & Montana!!
Well they say "a picture is worth a thousand words" The smiles say it all.
Olivia's turn, before Baptism above and below being Baptised!!
Posing above for Papa Ron's camera!!
Chloe and Olivia in line waiting their turn for the Baptistry. Below they are showing their certificates!!
Chloe, Pastor Shawn and Olivia!! Time has come and both are ready. Chloe was chosen to go 1st.
In the picture on the right, Olivia has finished being Baptised. What a Great Day!!
Chloe posing with the Pastor before Baptism on the left and in the middle being Baptised. On the right a picture afterwards!! Wonderful, O Happy Day!!
The Family above got together afterwards for lunch. What a wonderful time for the Family to come together and celebrate a once in a lifetime event in the lives of Chloe and Olivia!! Praise God from Whom all Blessing Flow!!
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