Chloe and Olivia Birthday Party

June 15, 2013

Eight Years Old

The special Birthday Party for Chloe an Olivia at the American Girl Store in Los Angeles !! Everyone brought their "American Girl" dolls to the party. The party girls were treated like Princesses, all very special. Chloe and Olivia got to choose their 4 best friends to come. Chloe on the left and Olivia on the right.
On the left is Chloe with her 2 friends. In the middle is all of the party guests with dolls and on the right Olivia with her 2 friends. The American Girl Store has a restaurant on one floor, and this was the party room there. Their food was excellent and they even treated the dolls as special guests. After the party the girls got to go around to the rest of the store and check it out. All the different American Girl Dolls are on display and many items to buy.

Here are all the children including the adults in attendance, including both grandmas. Everyone certainly enjoyed the luxurious accomadations and decor of the special "girls" store.

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