Chloe and Olivia Birthday

10 Years Old

A beautiful picture of Olivia and Chloe in their Bithday outfits celebrating this special day. The girls start out with lunnch at The American Girl Cafe in downtown L.A. And a Birthday Party with Mom Kim's Family at home that night!!
The time is at hand and the girls have found Birthday presents!!
Grandmother Bonnie with Justin, Chloe and Olivia looking at the fountain!!
Dad Tom has joined the girls, Olivia, Chloe, Mom Kim, Grandmother Bonnie and brother Justin for lunch!!
Baby Taylor Rayne has joined Olivia at the table for lunch? BabyAmelia Rose has joined Chloe at the table for lunch?
Lunch is served, yum, yum!!
Chloe is blowing out her candle!!
Olivia, it's my turn to blow out the candle!!
Please Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Butterfly for more Birthday Fun with Chloe and Olivia!!
Well this part of the Birthday is over, what a fun time for the Family, enjoying this special time with Olivia and Chloe with their new American Girl Dolls!!