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Cinque Terre
The railroad station @ La Spezia. This is where you catch the train from the south, that serves the 5 villages that make up the Cinque Terre!
After departing the train, you go downhill into the Village. As you can see it had started to rain!!
Marlene with umbrella, and the other colorful umbrellas in the foreground! In the distance is the Cathedral, built in the year1200!!
A view of the harbor, I think people also swim there?
One of the tourist things, suggested in tour books is to hike from one village to another. We are on the trail to go to Corniglia, about a two hour hike! Below is the view looking back at Vernazza!!!
This is looking back at the mountain we had hiked, we are almost to Corniglia! The weather had gotten warm and we didn't think to bring water with us!! I drank a whole bottle without stopping when we found a bar along the trail!!
Here is shot of the Cathedral, looking back across the harbor!!
Uptown Corniglia, it is more impacted, with people and not as pictureque as Vernazza!
We made it, Marlene with Corniglia in the back ground!!
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