Visiting Clifton's Restaurant

February 10, 2018

Los Angeles, CA

This is a picture of Clifton's Cafeteria from across the street, it was also where we parked!! What a thrill, it was still the same, a real piece of history. The 1st Cafeteria in Southern Ca. In the very middle of downtown Los Angeles !!

HISTORY RE-VISITED !! Marlene returns to Cliftons after 70 years !! This is what inspired the trip? Marlene is the young lady on the right at the age of 13 with her friend Carol and her Family!!

It really is a unique place. If you look up above, you will see a full grown stuffed bear on the second floor!! Marlene always had great memories of being here.The restaurant was founded in 1931.
Overhead lights 0f elk antlers!!
A beautiful rock formation in one corner. It has room iside for picture taking on the second floor!!
This appears to have been a waterfall?
Marlene sitting in and old, now antique phone booth. Do you remember those? The entire 4 floors of Clifton's is a beautifull museum, plus a cafeteria with excellent food.
In this section, you could sit and have a drink and watch a coyote chase a deer. Very life like!!
A group could sit here and have dinner or drinks with some animal above making you behave!!
A beautiful picture of perhaps of Yosemite, above and old antique desk!!
Pictures of artifical redwood tree, Marlene on 1st floor, fireplace is in back of 2nd floor, actually hieght three to four stories!!
And 70 years later here is Mom Marlene with son Tom and grandaughters Olivia and Chloe!! Sitting in the very same spot as the picture of her in 1947 !! Coming here was a special effort of Tom, fulfilling a real dream of his Mom. Driving to the middle of L.A. is a real challenge.
And this is the Beautiful Bar on the 3rd floor for big parties etc!!
This is a real meteor that fell to earth somewhere and was brought here for display.
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