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Di Fiore Family Page
Mrs.Francis Di Fiore was born in 1885 in Palermo Sicily, in the town of Santa Christina Gaela. She came to America in 190l. Her family first settled in New Orleans, then came to San Jose. The Di Fiore's lived one block from the Marchese family.
Francis Di Fiore was the Godmother of my father, John Marchese. She was a wonderful lady that took the responsibility seriously. From about 1924 thru 1950 Mrs. DiFiore, with the help of her daughters, Rosalie, Christine and Joanna, gave John a carton of Cucidatti (Italian Christmas Cookies) every Christmas. First in San Jose, where they all lived, then she sent them to San Diego when the Marchese's moved here in 1927.John and the DiFiore's had a mutual love for each other.
Daughter Joanna with husband Ed and children John and Linda.. They live in Norco, Ca.
Daughter Christine lives in San Jose and is 90 years young.
Son Mario DiFiore at the DiFiore Gas Station with John Marchese's daughter, Marlene (age 3.) Taken in 1937 in San Jose.
John Marchese, born January 20, 1913 and died January13, 1991.
Some of DiFiore Family: back - Dennis ( Christine's son), Michelle (Mario's grandaughter) - front - Joan (Mario's widow) - Christina.
Joan, Marlene, Christine and Michelle. A visit at Christine's home, in December, 2006.
On a recent trip to Norco, CA, my husband Ron and I stopped to visit, Joanna, son John, and husband Ed Lane. Unfortunately Ed Lane JR. was in bed with a bad back. Joanna is also a daughter of Mrs.Francis Di Fiore and was kind enough to serve lunch while we were visiting! To add to the occassion, Marlene brought the Di Fiore recipe cucidatti!
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EXTRA PICTURE ---John Marchese -1955- at work in his Linen Supply truck in Little Italy, San Diego.