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London, England

Via Dover, England!

Well we are almost to the end of our Trafalger bus tour! The ferry ride was about two hours from France to England. As we approched Dover, we were invited to join the other guests and sing, " There'll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover". We got back on the bus and went to London. We were advised by the tour guide, if it was raining, not to wait on the rain to quit. Just get our umbrella and take off siteseeing!
Our time in England consisted in three parts. One, sight seeing in London. Two, Canal Boat time share. Three, getting back to London and going home! Above is the Tower Bridge!
This was a colorful arms display.
The London Tower, this is where the Queen's crown and various jewerly is kept. .
We were across the street from Kensington Park. This is a statue honoring Queen Victoria.
The Westland Hotel in London.WOW were we ever happey to get back to London!!
Above is a guard with his costume. We did as the tour guide suggested. It was pouring rain, so we got on the Tube and went down town. We bought a ticket for the around town bus. We went to see the changing of the guard, Westminister Abbey and by the time we got through the Tower, we had had enough, for the day!! In the picture above on the right, you can see the Big Ben clock and the Abbey!!
Marlene, standing in front of gate to Kensington Palace, this was where Princess Diane lived some of the time!
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