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Family Slides

#1 Mario Marchese, is about Marlenes grandfather, his migration to the USA and several Family Reunion's and Family pictures!! Click Here

#2 Italy 2000 Is about Marlene and my 1st trip to Italy and mostly visiting of the tourist attractions in the middle and northern Italy!! Click Here

#3 Europe 2000 The Passion Play is put on every 10 years. We had tried to go in 1990.. It was what we planned our trip around!! Click Here

#4 Italy 2003 Marlene and I made a trip to southern Italy and Sicily for her to search for her roots!! Click Here

#5 Hawaii 2006 We took our oldest grand daughter Katherine with us to share the experience of Hawaii . Very pretty pictures!! Click Here

#6 Hawaii side trips, are pictures of our sight seeing on the big island of Hawaii. Some good pictures of turtles!! Click Here

#7 Marlene and cousin Diana made a trip to Sicily. Included is pictures of Palermo, the Opera and Villa Tasca and Misilmeri. Click Here

#7A Part Two of Sicily Trip 2007. It includes, Agrigmento, Armerina, Siracusa, Ortygia, Alcamo and Terrasini!! Click Here

#8 Scily 2010, Marlene and son Tom made a trip to Scicily in 2010!! Click Here

#9 Italy 2012 This slide is made of some pictures Marlene and her cousin Laura made to Italy in May, 2012!! Click Here

#10 June 2014 of Tom and Marlene to Isle of Ustica!! Click Here

# 11 Birthday, 2014 of Val's and John's!! Click Here

# 12 Mothers Day 2017!! Click Here

#13 Ron and Marlene 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration!! Click Here

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