Florence One

Firenze, Italia

Florence, Italy

Well we made it to Florence with just a minor train situation. The track listed on the board was about 3 or 4 tracks off. When we were the only people left on the platform, after the train to Lavornio left? We looked and saw a group some distance away boarding another train. Marlene went to check, and sure enough it was headed to Florence!! So we grabbed our suitcases and took off running, just made it. WHEW!! P.S. this was before wheels on suitcases!! These photos above was taken at Michelangelo Park above Florence!
Marlene had made arrangements for us to stay in a former Catholic Convent while in Florence. It is now used as a retreat for Priest's and paying guests like us to keep it going! After we checked in, we hired a taxi to take us uptown to Florence. The 1st thing we saw when getting out of the cab was this beautiful Cathedral!!!
In front of the Cathedral was Piazza {Plaza} Signaria, this is where politicans used to come and make speeches? Besides the sidewalk cafes, left there were copies of famous statues placed about! Upper left is a copy of David upper right is a copy of Perius by Cellini. To the right is the Arnolfo Tower!
A couple of pictures of the famous Ponte Vecchio, it is the olest bridge in Florence! The shops on the bridge was originally used by butchers to sell meat. Since the 1500's it has been used by gold and silversmith's. When we went to town we crossed it everyday! The photo on the right is looking back at Florence and the Arno River!!
The picture to the left is typical everday life in the residential neighborhoods! The streets are very narrow and the Vespa {motobike} was the favorite mode of getting about for the locals!! The picture on th right is similar to the north gate in Rome. It was used in medivial times for security!!
The covent where we stayed, offered dinner as part of their service. We signed up one night. Dinner is not served as a rule in Europe till about 7:30 to 8:00 o'clock at night. We were served a 4 course meal, with a large apple, and other fruit. Then we are served with coffee and biscotti. This was our first experience with biscotti. Needless to say that was our only night to eat there. We had eaten so much, we were almost sick!!
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