Giovanni Birthday

11 Years Old

Sunday March 17, Papa Ron and Grandmother Marlene went to visit Giovanni and celebrate his Birthday with a cake Grandmother had made!! Part of the fun was letting Giovanni spread the Choclate Iceing.
Above Grandmother is putting his Birthday Card!!
Giovanni thought the card should get as much attention as the Cake?
The main event has arrived, we sang Happy Birthday and Giovanni is blowing out the candles!!
Brother Nieto has volunteered to cut the cake, a very important job!!
Grandmother Marlene and Giovanni enjoying the special moment together!!
Mother Elaine checking it out in the background, unfortunately Dad John had a cold and stayed upstairs, I think we saved a piece of cake for him!!
After cake, yum, yum, it was off to the Park so Giovanni could hit a few baseballs to Papa Ron?
Giovanni showing his athletic abilty, catching a ball over his shoulder.
Unfortunately a broken bat put an end to a fun day for Giovanni's Birthday Celebration!!
On May 16, 2019 Giovani in red on stage at school to receive a special award!!
A PROUD & HAPPY Grandmother Marlene who went the extra mile so she could be at school by 8:00 AM to see her favorite grandson Giovanni receive his award!!
A HAPPY MOM Elaine with her youngest son Giovanni who has made Mom proud of him!!
Here is Giovanni Pablo Phillips receiving his ACE ACADEMIC AWARD at the end of his 5th grade. He is with the vice-principal and his teacher. There were 3 students chosen out of his class for the award!!
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