Giovanni's Birthday

Five Years Old

Giovanni set to blow out the candles. It was a Carrot Cake with strawberries on top. Cake cooked by grandmother Marlene!!
Brother Nieto ready for a piece, or two?
I think Nieto likes it!!
Part of his Birthday celebration was a trip to the zoo. Here are Giovanni and Nieto at the gorilla section. Grandmother Marlene was invited to share in the celebration!!
The elephants were all out that day and looked so beautiful in their surroundings.
Nieto, Giovanni and parents John and Elaine around the Gorilla statue in the Gorilla section.
Another shot of the Elephants.The boys really liked viewing them, we were even there to see them fed.
Here is Dad John holding Nieto up high enough for the pose.
Nieto and Giovanni behind a fake person ??
The Balboa Park Miniture Train is always a crowd pleaser for the boys!! The stuffed animals are part of the train decorations. Giovanni really liked the Panda.
Another shot of the train, with grand mother Marlene. By now we were worn out, so it was home after this!!
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