Giovanni Birthday

Nine Years Old

Giovanni has been having alot of great things happening to him around this time of his 9th birthday. He just received and ACE award at school for Scholarship, and also his basketbal team Elite Larks, won the league Championship ! Grandma came over to help Giovanni have a good day for his Birthday.
WE were having Ravioli with homemade spagetti sauce, Itaian bread and of course cake for dessert. Giovanni loves to eat OUTSIDE or a picnic. So we ate in the backyard on their lovely Garden furniture.
Here is Giovanni, Dad John, and brother Nieto.
Giovanni got to lite his own candles.
A happy day for Giovanni and all of us to see him happy and all his success.
Waiting to blow the candles out, and of course the best thing, eating the cake.
This was not homemade by grandma, but sure did taste good !! Giovanni loves cakes to have strawberries on top !! so grandma owes him a cake. By the end of the night, the cake was just history.
Ready-Set-Go!! He blew them all out. Oh to be young!!
Mom Elaine watching the birhday boy !!
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