Giovanni Birthday Party

Eight Years Old

Click on the picture for the details!! A wonderful gift from Mom and Dad for sons Giovanni and Nieto who has a Birthday in April. A fun time was had by Family and Friends, both young and old!!
Uncle Tom and Aunt Valerie on the bench waiting for the party to start with twin cousins Katie and Abbie, Chloe and Olivia!! Ah, let the Party begin!! We all had to wait until one of the workers led us with the balloons above to this room for Giovanni and the Party guests!!
Let the fun began, Giovanni with friends Leonardo and Michael, with the pretty balloons!!
A pizza was served in the room assigned for the Party, then we were allowed access to the wonderful buffet tables for salads, pizza, and desserts for the life of the Party!!
Aunt Valerie and Aunt Kim, having fun together. Their relationship to each other is sister in laws!!
A proud Dad John with his teenage son Nieto who was enjoying the fun of keeping up with younger brother Giovanni.
Giovanni on the left with friends, Michael, Ava, Leonardo, Alex!! They are ready to go challenge the arcade games!! House credit cards were used for the machines in lieu of money!!
A game one of the workers had the kids try was running under a sword shaped balloon without getting hit? Giovanne in line waiting his turn!!
Then the fun and excitement of this huge building filled with every arcade game imaginable was Giovanni and his party friends and Family for several hours!! It even had bumper cars for the kids to try!! The pictures above and below are shots, in seperate directions!!
In the pictures above Giovanni is waiting for his turn and then ready with Dad John, Grandmother Marlene, and his Uncle Tom in the foreground looking on!!
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