Halloween 2009!!
What a fun night for the kids, parents, and grandparents Ron and Marlene!! Daughter Natalie had invited all the grand kids over for Halloween at her house for pizza, and go trick or treating afterwards. Shown above getting in the swing of things are, left to right, Julia, Rachel, Anna, Sarina and in front, Chloe.
Our oldest set of twins, Julia on left and Anna on the right!!
Cousins Anna on left and Sarina on right had fun trying to beat up granpa, Ron!!
Above on left is our youngest set of twins, Olivia, Chloe with their brother Justin!! They came all the way down from Lake Forrest just for the kids!!
Justin on the right can't wait for the candy, he's tasting his fingers!!
Big girl Rachel, all dressed up and going trick or treating with her older friends!!
Little Miss Honeybee Julia, ready to go!!!!
Trick or Treat?
Trick or Treat? As the evening when on little Justin was heard saying, "Trick or Treat?"
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