The Italian Museum

Los Angeles, CA

February 10, 2018

Marlene on the left and daughter-in-law Kim posing by the sign showing the entrance to the Italian Museum!! Of course the picture above is from the floor inside. Marlene and son Tom are deeply involved with Marlene's Italian Heritage. We don't make trips to downtown L. A. often so this was part of a special trip, Tom planned with his Mom!!
The Italian Cultural influence in the City of Los Angeles is explained in this exhibit!!
This is the Hollywood exhibit. It tells about the Italian influence on the movie industry!!
Juan Bandini was a early settler in the City of San Diego. His name was on a famous fertilizer!!
Olivia taking a break. She and Chloe were very busy taking pictures with their new Iphone!!
I caught Chloe in between exhibit long enough to get her picture!!
And of course, here is proud Mother Kim reading about I Am and Italian!!
The Sports exhibit, with a jersey from Tom Lasorda, the famous Dodger baseball manager!!
Here is the Italian, it all stems from!! Her grandfather Mario Marchese was from Sicily!!
A good picture of Chloe and Olivia together!!
Please Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Flag below for the Special Pictures of Clifton's Restaurant!!