Italy - Europe Trip

Year 2000!!

To celebrate my planned retirement, Marlene and I had wanted to go back to Oberammagaue, Germany and see the Passion Play. It is put on every ten years by the town to fullfil their promise to God, if He would spare them from the black plague, they would put on this play, sharing about Jesus's crucification every ten years! Of course we would not have wanted to make that long airplane flight, and not see some the other sites, that were of interest to us? Above is the airplane we took from San Diego, CA. September 16, 2000 to Rome. Since there are a number of sites and pictures, just click on the thumbnail link below and it will take you to a few more photos that might be of interest!!
Our first destination on the east coast of Italy, at a timeshare resort!
Cingue Terre, Vernazza, Italy!
Pisa, Italy!
Florence, Italy !
Rome, Italy!
Vatican City, Italy!
Venice, Italy!
Vienna, Austria!
Oberammagaue, Germany!
Paris, France!
Lucerne, Switzerland!
Dover, England!
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