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My great-great-grandparents Joseph and Maria Spencer. Joseph born 1814 in Burton on Trent Staffordshire, Englandódied 1890 in Pittsburgh, Penn. Maria Jackson Spencer born 1826 in Belper, Derbyshire, Englandódied 1914 in Pittsburgh, Penn. Joseph went from making horseshoe nails to owning the largest brewery in Pittsburgh. He eventually was worth $500,000. They had 10 children , one being Annie Elizabeth, my great-grandmother.They also owned a lot of property and houses in Pittsburgh, including all of the Homewood area.
This is Annie Elizabeth, my great-grandmother. She was born in 1853, died in 1910. She had 9 childen, 6 with her first husband John Wilson . After his death, she married Tom Barker and they had 3 children.Her children all came to Southern Calif. Andafter her death, husband Tom came to San Diego. She must have been a good grandma because my mother Dee had fond memories of her. Most of the Spencers areburied at the Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh.
Maria Spencer, one of Joseph and Mariaís daughters. Born in 1845 in Pittsburgh and died in Ocean Park Ca. She married Robert Liddell in 1872. He emigrated to America in 1852, working in the coal business for awhile then into politics, becoming Mayor of Pittsburgh from 1878 -1881. Robert and Maria had 11 children. He died in 1893 and Maria in 1901. At death, her estate was valued at 47,000. She owned 5 or 6 houses plus 20 acres. I have a Prayer Book datedDec. 25th 1865 given to Annie Eliz. from her sister Maria and husband.
This is Great-great-grandma Maria Jackson Spencer, in 1911. She was 85, she lived till 88. The family was all active in the St. James Episcopal Church, atleast 3 generations. Maria died at the family homestead at Homewood and Spencer Ave., probably the site of this picture. This picture resembles my mother Dee.
I want to thank Charles Keally Liddell, grandson of Robert Liddell, for the picture of the Spencers (at the top) and of Maria Spencer Liddell. How great to have contact with the Liddell family ! new cousin !!
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