Aunt Josephine Birthday

105 Yrs Old

July 6, 2020

Above are pictures of Josephine Marchese Brown's life up to July 6, 2020. In the picture on the left, Josephine is the baby in the Hi-chair. The 2nd picture of the Family with Josephine on the 2nd row & on the right end as a young teenager. Of course the 3rd picture is a beautiful grown lady Josephine!! And in the picture on the end is from Sunday July 5th with niece Linda Martin and Aunt Josephine to Celebrate her 105th Birthday!! Even at this age, Josephine has a SMILE when she sees you!!

These two pictures are of Linda's son Nicholas. On the right he is sharing pictures from his Iphone. Niece Linda shared about her visit, "Aunt Josephine was feeling great and talked nonstop for about an hour. She is a great lady and is a living legacy to our family!"

Here are two pictures of Aunt Josephine from cousin Diana, the one on the left is from an ealier time in the back yard. The picture on the right is Aunt Josephine sharing a piece of pie from niece Marlene Marchese Robershaw. Aunt Josephine loves apple pie!!
Here are three other pictures from niece Diana, above is a good picture of Diana and Aunt Josephine. On the left niece Marlene, husband Ron and Aunt Josephine. And Marlene liked the picture on the right because my mouth was full of pie, and she has evidence that I like her cooking!! Niece Diana was sharing her sister Lynelle from Africa on her Iphone when Marlene and I arrived an we all got to say hello to Lynelle. It was a wonderful visit and as Niece Linda shared above, Josephine is a Great Lady & Family legacy!!

Recently Niece Marlene Marchese Robershaw was sharing some old Family slides to her son Tom and Family that her Mom & Dad John Marchese had left to her & could only be shown on a Kodak carousel, which we recently had repaired. The picture on the left is a younger Josephine in front of her home. If you ever visited Josephine, you understand how imaculate she keft everything inside & outside her home!! The picture on the right is very special, that is husband Tom Brown with beautiful wife Josephine!! We wanted to share these special pictures with the Family & Friends!!

Link to video of Josephine discussing Memories

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