Josephine Marchese

Descendant of Mario Marchese

This is Josephine in the hi-chair with her sister Rose standing. Josephine looks to be about 18 months?
Josephine is the youg lady on the right with the rest of her Family. She is about 11 years old here!!
A grown young lady, Josephine on the right, sister-in-law's Mabel, wife of Joe Marchese and Emily Tavaras, wife of Victor Marchese. And father Mario Marchese on the left!!
A mature Josephine on the right, with younger brother Mario Jr. and older sister Rose!!
Josephine the beautiful grown up Lady!!
Josephine grown-up with her baby Yvonne and niece Marlene Marchese!!
Josephine on the right, riding a horse with her husband Thomas Brown!!
Josephine on the right and sister Helen!!
This is Josephine on the right with brothers Victor and Mario Jr. She is now 85 years old in this photo!!
Here Josephine is holding daughter Sylvia on right and daughter Yvonne on left!!
A lovely looking 87 year old Josephine!!

A BEAUTIFUL 88 years young!!

The kids have all grown-up, here is daughter Sylvia with her husband Al Albert, all at the big celebration!!
Here she is posing with her son Tom and his wife Sandy at the celebration of her Dad, Mario Marchese coming to America!!

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And baby Yvonne grew up too!!