July 4, 2017
Another warm sunny day in Ramona, CA. Marlene has the tables decorated for this special day. Daughter Valerie and her Family came for lunch!! Hotdogs, potatoe salad, baked beans, corn on the cobb and apple pie with wipped cream!! Yum, Yum!!
After lunch, time for the pool. On the left Mom Val talking to husband Ken who was keeping me company on deck. Their two girls Abbie and Katie love to swim, and Val is teaching them well.
Our pool is a 40 ft. lap pool, so Mom Val challenged her girls, Katie and Abbie to a race. Grandmother Marlene was to be the judge in the picture on the right. She ruled that daughter Katie was the winner!! Yea, Katie!!
Dad Ken challenged the girls to go under water and see who could hold their breathe the longest. On the right Abbie was the winner with her head still under water!!
After apple pie daughter Val and her Family had to go home!! Abbie, Katie, Dad Ken and Mom Val, Thank You for a fun time!!
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