Justin & Papa Ron Birthday

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It is that special time of the day, when all come to share the love that we share on these special days. Justin had chosen for Mom Kim to bake his pie from Boysenberry's that he and Dad Tom had picked on a reserve in Orange County. I chose a Chocolate Pie, and Kim being so sweet volunteered and did a great job as usual!!!
Yes, the Birthday boys are ready in the picture above and get a turn to blow out our candles!! I told everyone afterwards, I was glad there were no trick candles!! And on the sides are pictures of Mom Kim's great work on Justin and my pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Below is a picture of the ice cream that the children requested. It was very good!!
This is the present from son Tom to Dad. In addition to the kind words expressed from son Tom, the envelope was hand drawn and had a colored picture of the view from our front yard. And after the party, he took Justin & I on a fun walk out in the hills where we got to see wild Turkeys!!
Now time has arrived for Justin to open his presents from Grandmother Marlene and Papa Ron!!
Justin has now opened his presents, in the Birthday Card was a small check, we had heard that he was saving his money to buy a skate board. But the main gift was a pillow from Grandmother Marlene that she built from scratch. {Hand sewn}!! Justin sister's Olivia and Chloe where also excited by the picture of the fish that grandmother had sewn on the pillow. That is their comfort toy and it was obvious to all that Justin enjoyed his presents!!
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