Justin & Papa Ron Birthday


The decorations are up, grandmother Marlene worked hard, preparing for Grandson Justin's special Birthday this year? Justin will soon be a teenager & our grandchildren are all growing up!! On the right is a special present for Justin!!!!
Grandmother Marlene with her Soup Plantation display of salads & veggies we enjoy on special occasins!! On the right is Mom Kim, doing her kitchen thing? Macaroni & cheese, but also handpicked by Justin & Dad Tom, Boysenberry pie for Justin & Chocolate pie for Papa Ron!!
Justin always chooses pizza for his Birthday lunch. His choice was The Godfather & mine on the right was the Hawaian!! On the left Justin not only got to go first, but he had the Honor of sitting at the head of the table!!

Justin the Champion!!

I always challenge Justin to a game of Uno? He always beats me!! Grandmother Marlene and sister Chloe also played. We played the best 2 out of 3 games, Justin won the 1st two real easy but he was a good sport and we played the 3rd game to give me a chance to win one. No, I didn't win grandmother Marlene won!!

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