Justin Love Robershaw

Birthday Party

9 Years Old

Justin with Friends and Family at Chuck E. Cheese Restuarant!!
Olivia, Jacqueline and Chloe back home for the main event!!
Justin with Benjamin at Chuck E. Cheese.
Getting Started?
The artistic work of Mom?
Doughnut cake ice cream !! Yum, Yum!!
And then, later on to Grand parents Ron and Marlene for a few more goodies and ice cream!!
And a special gift from Mom and Dad, a Pokemon set!!
Getting ready to blow out the candle? Yes, it was the numeral nine with one candle!!
Justin opening his presents above with Grandmother looking on, Chloe and Olivia were helping with the occasion!!
After blowing out the candle on the right and opening his Logo and Bobble Head presents, he moved to the living room for the challenge of putting them together!! Chloe has come to help him below!!
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