Justin Love Robershaw

Birthday Celebration

Twelve Years Old


Mom Kim and Dad Tom have announced that we are ready to open presents!! Need we say more?
Justin was kind enough to let Papa Ron share my Birthday with him!! Papa Ron is going to be Eighty Three!! Our Birthday's are close together and both Family's are busy so a decision was made to Celebrate both together!!
Papa Ron having a little fun with Justin and his new Comfort Toy??
Justin got to go 1st this is one of several video games that he received to enjoy in the game room!!
Thank You Tom and Kim for these beautiful winter pajamas that I requested!! Marlene thought they were and outfit to wear outside?
Justin with his favorite Lemon Bar!!
Of course sister's Chloe and Olivia were part of the Celebration!!
Justin with another Video game and some money!!
Justin and I enjoying this special time together!!
Justin with a gift of Jello from someone who knows what Justin Like to eat!!
Justin displaying more of his video games!! I don't recall which games were given by Family members, but looking at the pictures, Justin is one Happy Twelve year old young lad!!
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