Justin Love Robershaw

Birthday Party

Eight Years Old


Justin's Birthday the last couple of years has been filled with multiple Party functions!! Notice the baseball uniform? It just happens it is opening ceromonies in the morning for a parade of the little league teams and picture taking!! Then back for presents from Mom and Dad, and a little Party Time at home!!
A Happy Birthday boy above, as Justin has opened his main present. It is the X box that Justin has wanted for a long time. Yipee!!
A Happy Justin with his new model car with # 22. The same # on his uniform!!
In the meantime, Grandparents Ron and Marlene are getting their home ready for a Party with Justin at their house later that afternoon!!
Grandmother Marlene, look at the beautiful flowers and table setting, I'm all ready for Justin to get here!!
The beautiful ballons that Mom and Dad brought to the Party!!
Justin has arrived , and he is hiding from Papa Ron with his best buddie "Winter" the Marlin!!
Mom Kim with daughter Chloe looking on ,waiting to get their piece of the cake!!
The ice cream cake up close, Yum, Yum!! It had a couple of Star War images on top!!
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Justin with his cake. I liked both pictures, and I couldn't make up mind, which I liked best!! So I'll let you pick your favorite!!