Justin Karate Tournament

April 16, 2016

On Saturday morning we rode with Dad Tom and Justin to Laguna Hills and a large commercial building. Justin and the other kids are seen here warming up.
Justin and the other candidates are called to attention by the instructor!!
Justin and others are sitting listening to instructor about the workout ahead!!
Another group of exercise's ordered by the instructor. Next they were split into groups and Justin went outside to workout!!
Justin and his group outside would do exercise's from wall above to the end of the building!!
Justin outside where it was hot and windy!!
More exercises!!
Justin staying with the program. It looks like he has found some shade in the picture on the right!! There were some young grown men in this group also!!
Justin and his group are now back inside the building!! The instructor's picked a kid of similar size from two different groups to kick box each other!! Justin above!!
Yes, Justin can be serious!!
A shot up to the balcony, where grandparents Ken and Bonnie Tripke had arrived from Arizona for the event!! Also grandmother Marlene is on the left side!!
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