Justin's Birthday Party

Two Years Old!

Feb. 27, 2010

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The theme for Justin's Party this year was trains. He loves the Thomas the Train series! Mom Kim went all out to make sure the Party was a "TooT" for all that attended!!
This was the colorful tables in the living room!! James the boy above and below was enjoying the train at the table, which contained the train whistles for the guests on their departure!
Ballon's galore decorate the staircase!!
These are some of the gifts that occupied the hallway!!
Trains are not only for little boys, young Emi was also having fun with the train!!
Ah-Ha, food!! Lots of food, and island of food, with sister Olivia in the foreground!
Justin, wonder what he thinks of it all?
Let the Party begin, Justin and sister Olivia checking out the big train in the Family room!!
Justin, I think my block's can ride the train?
Lily and other Justin's friends, having fun watching Thomas the Train!!
One of Justin's buddies, Matthew must have had someting to eat in the plate. Notice the train theme carried on in the plates!!
Proud Dad Tom shows off Justin!!
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