Katharine the Great!!


Here is Katharine when she  first got a piano a little over 1 year ago. She loves to play and is an exceptional virtuoso! She almost has taught herself, going thru 3 levels of piano books, Grandma just has to do a little instruction and guiding. She has played at several gatherings and next is playing for the school Talent Show in June. Katharine is also a talented vocalist, singing for others since 3 years old. She sings in the San Diego Children’s Choir, which has performed at the Spreckles Theatre, Balboa Park, and television.
DOLPHIN ENCOUNTER Katharine at Sea World—

Dolphins are her love! So Dad took her to a special treat with them. Sea water was 60 degrees!

Katharine got to feed, dance, swim and hug the Dolphin. She now wants to be a Dolphin Trainer!

She also loves horses and has had riding lessons.

Oh to be young and talented  !!

Katherine also took karate lessons for a while and Grandpa had to quit playing with her after he didn’t get out of the way, and she kicked him in the shins!! Ouch!! She is fortunate in that she has never been shy!!

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