Marchese Ancestry Two

Teresa Marchese was Marlene’s  great  aunt. She was Mario’s sister and lived next door to him in San Jose. This picture is her and her husband Joseph Zacardi. Teresa was born in Palermo,Sicily in 1876.She died in 1919 during her fourth childbirth. She already had 5 children, Rose, Margaret Giovanna, Edith and Pasquale. Pasquale and Giovanna died before 1919. After her death, Joseph took the girls and returned toAbrutzi, Italy. He died shortly thereafter and the girls ended up in an orphanage. Teresa’s older brother Salvadore and wife Mary worked hard to finally get the girls back to the U. S. and they raised them as their own. Edith died many years ago but Rose and Margaret are still living and reside together in San Jose. Rose is 94 and Margaret is 87. 
This is a picture of grandpa Mario on his last visit to San Jose in 1946. He built that lath house behind him for his sister-in-law Mary. Visiting him in this picture is (R to L), Nieces Margaret Zacardi Zavala, Rose Marchese Nicolini,  Rose Zacardi and Margaret’s son Raymond. He died as a young man in a drowining accident.
Grandpa Mario in front of the lath house with Rose Nicolini and sister-in-law Mary (Maria)Marchese. Rose is the niece that came from Italy on the boat with Mario in 1903. Actually, these 3 were the survivors of that boat trip. All the other relatives had died that came in 1903, Teresa, Charles and John Marchese. Also Mario on right!
Sisters, Helen and Josphine! Helen passed away in 1940 due to blood poisoning!!
John, Rosie,and Joe Marchese, Abt. 1927
Sister Josphine {91} brothers Joe {93} and baby Mario Jr. {81} Year 2007 and all three still going strong!!!

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Brothers John and Joe Marchese in 1937 at John’s house on Penn. Ave.S.D.