The Marchese Ancestry

My great-grandfather, Placido Marchese, married Rosalie Anello in Palermo, Sicily, Dec 31 ,1860. My grandfather Mario, born in 1878,was their youngest child. He migrated to America in 1903, with 5 other relatives. They came to New York, lived in Manhattan for a few years and then he migrated  to the west after marrying Domenica Pavia. They settled in San Jose,Calif. because of the fruit orchards and plenty of  field work. Mario and Domenica had 10 children. They lived on Palm St. ,where the 2 siblings, Salvadore and Teresa, also lived. All together there were around 20 Marchese cousins together there on Palm St. After the death of Domenica (Minnie) in 1926, the family moved to San Diego, where Mario worked for the San Diego Gas Co. Mario died in 1946. My father ,John Henry Marchese ,was the oldest boy, he and my mother Dee Roth Ginther, married in 1934. I was their only child. John was a linen supply salesman for most of his working years. They were married 57 years before his death in 1991.

Mario Marchese is on left end, others are unknown

L. to R. Josephine, John, Rose, Father Mario holding Mario, Jr. Joseph, Helen, & Victor. Mario Marchese abt. 1907!
Grandmother Minnie Domenica
Marchese Family Home on Palm St. San Jose, Ca.
John & Dee Marchese home, 1940 in San Diego, Ca.
Marchese Family Reunion @ Aunt Josephine’s home August 18, 2001, in San Diego,Ca.

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This is where Mario and Domenica lived at 106 114th St. in upper Manhattan, N.Y. in 1910. They lived with her parents the Pavias before coming to San Jose. Picture provided by son Tom Robershaw.
John & Dee in Balboa Park, May, 1934 - newly-weds!! John Marchese with delivery truck, 1940!