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The Marchese Homes

In San Diego

On November 27, 2012, Tom and Mom Marlene took a Road Trip thru San Diego visiting all the houses the Marchese family lived in when they first settled in San Diego.

They came to San Diego in 1929 from San Jose. They came by invitation of relatives of Mario Marchese's mother's family, the Anellos. So after the Anellos met them at the train, they were taken to this house to live. It was at 1885 National Ave. in the Bario Logan area of Downtown San Diego. It was on the corner of National Ave. and Crosby St. (now Cesar Chavez Parkway.) It was next to a grocery store which is still there.
In 1930, the census shows them here at 420 17th St. near G St. in Downtown S.D. All the children were here with Mario. Rose was 22 yrs. old and the youngest, Mario Jr. was 4 yrs. old.
After the 17th St. house, the Marchese family returned to National Ave. The house is gone, taken down to build the Coronado Bridge. It stood where the bridge begins. They lived here for several years, until most of the kids were getting married or joining the Navy. It was close to the fish canneries, where Helen worked, and also close to the Navy Yard at the Bay. Pictured here is Helen and Josephine.
This is the house the Anello family lived in on the 1930 census, 1951 Irving Ave. It is close to National Ave. and the old Crosby St.
Next we have Mario living in Rose and husband Pat's rental house on 3210 K. St. Josephine and also Mario Jr. lived here with them for awhile This was at the end of K St. by 32nd St. There was a grocery store on the corner, and it is now a church (pictured.) During this time son John and wife Dee moved to K St. also, and Josephine would settle with husband Tom down the block on 32nd St.
Here is the K St. house that John and Dee moved into when first married. It is 2437 K St. They lived here when Marlene was born. Both events were in 1934. They lived in the back house.
House #2 for John and family, 1276 Pennsylvania Ave. by Richmond (near Zoo.) Left is now, and right is 1936. They were here 2 years. Marlene at age 2 sitting on porch. John would walk to work in Hillcrest . He did get his first car while living here.
WEll, here they go back to K St. (that street sure is popular.) Left is 1938, right is now. You can see John's new car, Ford Model A. While living here Marlene would start school, was the only caucasian in Kindergarten, so they moved to the country from here and bought there first home. At the right the house is covered with garden and trees and a garden shed.
This is the church of "Our Lady of Angels" located at 656 24th St. in San Diego, where John and Dee where married on March 10th, 1934. It is a beautiful church overlooking downtown San Diego. There is a very well kept yard on the church grounds with this fountain inhabited by pigeons. They were sure enjoying the water.
This is the Parish Hall behind the church of "our Lady of Angels." Because my mother would not sign and promise to raise her children Catholic, they had to be married in this building in back of the church, not in the Sanctuary. I suspect that it was then a smaller building, probably has been enlarged.
Well, we finally left K St. and moved to the "country." Rolando Village was in the San Diego State College area, and we moved in 1940. We were one of the 1st houses in our area of the Village. I would attend kindergarten at La Mesa Elementary School. The house was on Madrid Dr., later changed to Malcolm Dr. and originally before people moved here it was Rolando Blvd. John and Dee lived here the rest of their lives. They loved their home and always kept it in perfect condition and a show-case yard. We still own the house and all the memories live on.
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