Marlene's Birthday

# 82

December 4, 2016

Son Tom, wife Kim, children Chloe, Justin, Olivia, myself and the Birthday girl Marlene seated at Watson's Restaurant in Orange, CA It is a historic restaurant, from 1899!! In the picture on right, the staff and Family are singing Happy Birthday to Marlene. The City was having a special Christmas in the center of town, as you can see in the picture above it was a big deal!! So Marlene and daughter-in-law Kim had to rush with their dessert so they would have time to walk about a mile to the car!! Kim had planned a special night out for Marlene!!
This is how Kim described getting to the concert:{The traffic was a madhouse getting into The Honda Center. The concert started late because of it. It was a bit nerve racking walking up to 4th level bleachers.} Yes, this was the special Birthday treat for mother-in- law Marlene!! And after it was over they had to walk about two miles to get back to the car!! Us boys at home were starting to worry about them, but they did get home about 11:00!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene's from inside the center, the conducter on the left was special guest David Foster (Composer)! They also had some ballet dancing, Katharine McPhee!! As you can see it was a wonderful event!!

And of course the Stars of the Family, Kim with the Birthday girl Marlene!! And the star of the show Andrea Bocelli. Marlene today at lunch was sharing with brother Reginald what a great concert it was. Her take was Andrea was bettter now that he is older. The last song he sang, Nessun Dorma was very impressive. The song Nessun Dorma, was also used by Pavoratti. Thank you Kim and Tom for going the extra mile to make this a Special Birthday to Remember!!

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P.S. Son Tom came to the Ramona area a couple of days later to do some Christmas shopping and bought his Mom, lunch at one of the local Mexican Restaurants!!