Happy BirthdayMarlene!!

What a fun week for Mom Marlene? We started celebrating on Saturday December 2nd. Son Tom and his Family came down from Orange County. Daughter Val with her husband Ken and daughters Abbie and Katie met us at Marlene's favorite Italian Restaurant Amici's in Ramona!! It officially ended on December 8th, when Marlene and I finished the large dish of Tieramsui on Friday December the 8th!!!!!!!!!!!
Marlene's youngest daughter Valerie with her husband Ken. They supplied the Birthday Balloon for the Party. It was good to spend time with them!! Marlene displaying the present daughter Val and Ken gave her, and Birthday Card from son Tom, wife Kim and children, Olivia, Chloe and Justin!!
Mom Marlene sharing the goodies and kitchen utensils from daughter Val and Ken!!
Back home for dessert!! Daughter-in-law Kim after working all morning at her Church passing out food to the needy, drove down and spent the afternoon making this Beautiful Bowl of Terrimisu!
A close-up at the time for, "Happy Birthday" it contains a hint to her age? I see the # 8 and 3 candles!!
Wednesday December 6th, daughter Natalie Dixon met us at the Brigantine Restaurant in La Mesa to celebrate her Mom's Birthday for lunch!! It is one of our favorite's for special occasions. I couldn't decide which of the photo's was the best choice, so I'll let you pick a favorite!!
Well what can I say, I am the lucky guy that gets to share these special times with Marlene. In the middle picture Natalie caught me kissing up to Marlene to see if I could share her special Birthday goodie provided by the Restaurant, on the right!! I think looking at the picture I was more excited than Marlene??
A picture of the Cards, presents and the pretty balloon from daughter Val and husband Ken is still holding up. As they say " all good things come to and end" oh well there is next year!! Please Click on the Pictures for Enlargement or Click on the Flag for the Next Page!!
On Thursday night Marlene got to go see grandson Nieto play the guitar and sing at a Recital in the High School Nieto attends!!