Marlene Marchese

Baby Pictures

Marlene was born Dec. 4th, at 3:45 pm, 1934. She was born at Mercy Hospital in San Diego Ca. In picture above she is 6 weeks old.
Here is Marlene with Mom and Dad, John and Dee, at 2 weeks old. This was at Grandma Edith's house.
Here is Marlene with father, at 5 months old. She was a plump baby, weighing 9 lb. 9 oz. at birth.
Marlene at 4 months, with head up and sites on crawling. This is one of the first Easter pictures
6 months now - Getting those legs strong.
Mom helping Marlene sit up straight at 6 months.
San Diego winner of the Heinz Company beauty contest. Quite a poise Marlene !! It was published in the San Diego paper. She was 9 months old.
This is Marlene at one year old in front of their rented house by the San Diego zoo.
This is a 7 month portrat taken by a photographer. Happy Marlene !!
Happy Marlene in her high chair @7 months old, playing doggie toy!! I think she must have associated the chair with eating.
1937, Marlene 3 yrs. old, with proud Dad, his first car !!!!!!! A model "A" Ford !! This car even took us to San Jose to visit Marchese relatives !!
At our new house, in Rolando Village. Age 6 1/2 in backyard with Mom and Dad. Mom always grew Sweetpeas at the back porch.
Marlene with her toy and doll collection at 3. Really neat stuff !!! She loved dolls all her life.Eventually learned to play the piano.
Marlene with best friend Carol Shaw. This was the normal umbrella then, huge !! Taken in front of Carol's house at the other end of the block. Age 5
In the newly planted back yard with 2 Jacaranda trees and a vegetable garden. No fences yet. We were one of the first houses built in that area.This was 1940.
Marlene at 4 yrs. old in front of K street house in Logan Heights San Diego.
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Nice portrait at age 5. Mother had curled her hair, and She had on one of the cute dresses she wore to school.