Marlene's Birthday !!


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For Marlene's Birthday this year, she wanted to pick-up her Aunt Josephine and take her with us, for lunch in Little Italy, San Diego!! Above is Marlene and her Aunt in front of Josephines home. Josephine is a unique individual, she is 98 years young and lives by herself and also maintains the house in pristine condition!!
In the center picture above, Marlene and Josephine sitting on a corner in Little Italy. They are at the table on the left and are waving goodbye on the right. Josephine is so sweet that she invited us in for dessert when we got back to her house. On the bottom left, Josephine is holding her ice cream bar, and on the right my plate is empty already!!!!!!!!!!!
The Family Birthday Party for Marlene!!
The main event above!! Daughter-in-law Kim Robershaw made the cake, and it was decorated by daughter Valerie, pictured with Marlene on the right. In the picture on the left, Aunt Josephine gave us the Santa climbing a ladder for the kids to enjoy. Pictured are grandchildren Olivia, Chloe and Justin!!
A happy grandmother Marlene with grandchildren, Chloe, Sarina, Olivia and daughter Valerie's two foster children Abbie and Katie!!
Make a Wish!!
Blow the candles out!!
A special time, sharing the cake with the Family, the Birthday girl Marlene at the head of the table!!
Daughter Natalie came with her daughter Sarina to enjoy Mom Marlene's special day!!
That special moment, cutting the cake!!

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