Happy Birthday Marlene

Year 2018


Marlene with early arrival daughter Valerie. We are at the Brigantine Restaurant in Poway to Celebrate her Birthday in 2018!!
Daughter Natalie joins Mom Marlene and sister Valerie so let the fun begin!!
Yes, husband Ron got to have his picture taken with a selfie by daughter Valerie!!
Yes, lunch is served. The choice is grilled Swordfish, Marlene and I enjoyed our's very much!!
A time of kidding and sharing as we wait on the Birthday dessert on the house. It was Mud Pie shown on either side, Yum Yum!!
Yes, more fun time, opening presents!! On the left Kefir Cheese from daughter Valerie who also presented Mom with two large bowls of homemade Biscotti and more below. Natalie gave Mom the card above and clothes to wear later.
Daughter Valerie has worked in bakeries on and off since being a teenager. She had baked and brought the small cake above for Mom to take home with her. Daughter Natalie had brought the numbers and a lighter so we could sing Happy Birthday to Mom Marlene!! So a great time of fellowship was coming to a close. Valerie and her husband Ken had given a gift certificate to Marlene a while back and with a discount from the restaurant, it was almost paid for!! So each of us left and Marlene and I had one more stop to Celebrate her Birthday!!

A special stop on the way home!! The chicken ranch in Ramona, this is where Marlene comes to buy fresh eggs. On either side are Turkeys the owners have for kids that come shopping with their parents. The Turkeys yapped at Marlene the whole time we were there? The owner told Marlene that the turkeys were not wanting her to give them something to eat, they were wanting her to go away!!

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