Marlene's Birthday 2010
For her birthday this year Marlene chose to visit with our son Tom's children and give them a train ride from Santa Anna, to San Juan Capistrano and back!! It just happened the day prior to her birthday, it was a special day for grandaughter Chloe. It was Chloe Day at school. Chloe got to sit in the teacher's chair and tell the other children about herself and Family!!
Here, Dad Tom is holding open the presentation, while Chloe reads, and Mom Kim looks on!! Children in the class were allowed to ask Chloe question's after her presentation!! I think this is Chloe telling the class about grandma Marlene, who was taking pictures!!
This looks like more fun? School is out and Chloe is back home, playing with twin sister Olivia!!
Mother Kim is starting to show the class, a special outfit from grand mother Bonnie in Montana. It was given to her when she was just a little girl like Chloe, by her grandmother!!
The big day has arrived, Papa Ron is on the train, holding grandson Justin!!
Mom Kim posing with Chloe and Olivia by the train. We have arrived at San Juan Capistrano!!
It's the birthday girl Marlene, sitting with Olivia and Chloe on the train!!
A short walk from the train station and we have arrived at the ruins of Father Serra's Church at the Mission. Papa Ron, Justin, Olivia and Chloe are in front of his statue!!
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