Giovanni Pavone

Ice Skating in Coronado, CA

December 18th, Marlene took Giovanni and his Mom, Courtney Pavone, to the Ice Skating Rink at the Del Coronado Hotel by the beach in Coronado Ca. It is a beautiful place to be and Courtney was hoping to teach Giovanni to Ice Skate.
Giovanni finally didn't want to hold her hand any more, and went around just holding on the walls. Next he decided he could just skate a little away from the wall. Here you see him doing that.He really caught on and did a good job.
.Courtney learned to Ice Skate growing up in New York at the age of 5, and Giovanni is now 3 1/2. She 1st took Giovanni many times around the rink, with him holding on to the wall with one hand, and Mom with the other hand
After 2 hours they had to close the rink and re-ice, so it was time to go. This is a cute pose that Giovanni likes to take.
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Courtney got this shot of Marlene and Giovanni leaving with the ocean in the background.