Messina - Cefalu

We finally made it by train to the end of the Italian boot, now the exciting trip across the Strait of Messina to the land of my ancestors, Sicily !! This is the ferry we took over. Coming back the train to Roma actually went on tracks into the belly of the ferry ! The engineer was so proud that I took a picture of it, that he pulled open the door and had me take a picture looking out to the sea. 
A HAPPY MARLENE And a very busy shipping channel. There is a bridge to be built in near future. Update, 1/1/2011 the Mafia shot the bridge down?
A nice picture of Port of Messina! On the right is a very pretty statue in the harbor, but we could not interpret the writing? Or who the statue is?
Train inside ferry coming back! Yes we had a hard time accepting the fact that the train would drive into the ferry!!
The view looking back toward Messina from inside the ferry boat!!

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